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Introduction to Digital Photography

An Introduction to Digital Photography

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For those who wish to begin their photographic education in the digital realm, this course will embrace digital technology for its potential to push photography's aesthetic and conceptual boundaries. Fundamental photographic theory and the basics of digital equipment will be covered, including a practical introduction to Adobe Lightroom, digital printing, backup and an introduction to Adobe Photoshop. In addition to camera basics such as composition, exposure, aperture and shutter speed, students will learn about RAW image files and how to exploit their possibilities. Though we will leave the physical darkroom behind, this course will engage photography in much the same way as its innovators, emphasizing an understanding of light and the concept of seeing photographically. Through our studies, students will begin to master photographic ideas and digital tools in order to make intentional and innovative creative choices. Lab time will be used for demonstrations and individual instruction. 
PREREQUISITE: A working knowledge of the Macintosh computer operating system. 
NOTE: Please bring a digital SLR camera to the first session. Lab time is included in the instructional hours; additional lab time is not available.